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The Chippewa County Democratic Party is a non-profit organization. 

The purpose of the Chippewa County Democratic Party is to act as a unifying body to promote the democratic philosophy prescribed in the Preamble and Party Platform of the Michigan Democratic Party.  Our mission is to support party candidates, elected officials, precinct delegates, committees, and party members with the goal of increasing participation in the election process, expanding opportunities to understand and discuss political issues, improving visibility of the Democratic party, and promoting public recognition of our values.

Members of the Chippewa County Democratic Party shall include all Michigan Democratic Party members who are residents of Chippewa County.

The Chippewa County Democratic Party is united to help in the community, support and assist candidates at the local, state and federal level in their candidacies.

Chippewa County is located in the Eastern Upper Penninsula of Michigan, and is part of the First US Congressional District of the Michigan Democratic Party.

There are eight regions in the First District. Region 4 includes the counties of: Chippewa, Mackinac, and Emmet.

  • The First District is the second largest congressional district in land mass east of the Mississippi River.
  • Its boundaries contain much of the northeastern part of the Lower Peninsula in addition to the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • Altogether, the district makes up about 44% of the State of Michigan.
  • It contains the second longest shoreline of any district in the United States, with Alaska being the first.
  • It is comprised of 30 full Michigan counties and a portion of a 31st, over 36% of the state’s 83 total counties.