Voting is one of our most basic democratic rights — let’s use it!

Am I registered to vote?

Check to make sure you’re registered to vote through the Michigan Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center

How do I register to vote?

If you’re not registered, find out how on the Secretary of State’s Voter Registration page

How do I vote absentee?

In the 2018 election, Michigan voters approved a ballot proposal to expand access to voting, including voting absentee without having to give a reason.  You should still apply to get your absentee ballot 1-2 months ahead of time to make sure you receive it in time to return it by election day.  The Secretary of State’s website has information on how to apply for an absentee ballot.

Who are my representatives?

Find your Representative in the Michigan House of Representatives

Find your Senator in the Michigan Senate

Find your Representative in the United States House of Representatives

Our United States Senators are Senator Debbie Stabenow and Senator Gary Peters.